Bee’s Nest Pure Honey Hong Kong

“Discover Hong Kong’s Finest Hand Crafted Organic Honey born from an unconditional love for bees between a Hong Kong Bee Master and a French Chef. Bee’s Nest Honey is entirely produced and hand crafted in Hong Kong and is 100% organic.”

Bee’s Nest.

Bee’s Nest Pure Honey

“Bee’s Nest is a pure floral winter honey, coming from the nectar of Hong Kong Original Ivy tree flowers, that has not been heated and possess natural vitamins, enzymes, powerful antioxidants and other important natural nutrients property.”

Honey Beauty

“Honey Beauty is Bee’s Nest brand that is providing to you bath gel, body cream, shampoo and conditioner with high concentrate of our Organic Honey and again 100% hand crafted in Hong Kong in association with a certified Hong Kong Chemist to create Honey Beauty Unique Formulas and bottled locally.”

Honey History

“Honey is as old as history is itself. One of the earliest evidence of honey harvesting is on a rock painting dating back 8000 years, this one found in Valencia, Spain shows a honey seeker robbing a wild bee colony. The bees were subdued with smoke and the tree or rocks opened resulting in destruction of the colony.”